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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Week Full of Ups and Downs

Hi everyone,

Aside from some unexpected downtime this weekend, It has been a great week for grepr. Eric and I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this downtime may have caused. A change made to an automated process resulted in an issue causing the site to be down for roughly 24 hours.

Now onto the good news! We have begun to promote grepr and would like to thank two sites that were kind of enough to write reviews.

Pulse 2.0 covers the newest "web 2.0" sites. The article can be found here. I'd like to again thank Amit Chowdhry for all of the kind words he had to say about grepr. From the review, "The amount of potential that Grepr has makes me believe that the company could very much be the Yahoo! Music equivalent of podcasts."

GenBeta reviews new "web 2.0" sites for Spanish readers. While Eric and myself do not speak or read Spanish, we utlized multiple translating services to read the review. We'd like to thank Cyberfrancis for writing up a review for grepr. It is a very welcome surprise to notice grepr reaching a wider audience than originally expected.

We received new users from both sites, and we would love to hear feedback from all of you. Comments, concerns and criticisms can be sent to

Hope to hear from you,

grepr development team