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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just to keep everyone updated on progress we rolled out a bunch of new features on Monday (10/30). The plan is to update the site on Mondays and accompany the update with a post. Here are the new features to look for, or more likely some of the features to look for as this will be your first time at grepr.

  1. Increased our podcast index 50% from 20,000+ to 30,000+
  2. Login boxes now automatically appear on any pages that require log in for the site visitor.
  3. Improved the sub menu for aesthetics and ease of use.
  4. improved upon the welcome area of the main page. More improvements are planned in the future for first time visitors.
  5. added the ability for users to reset their password
  6. added remember me option to the login page (stay logged in from this computer)
  7. Made easy to follow instructions for importing their subscriptions and adding single feeds
  8. Improved the speed subscriptions are added, while still allowing for handling of large opml (subscription) files later
Expect to see a number of new items each week as we continue to improve the site. This upcoming Monday you will see more additions to the site features for usability purposes. In the not to distant future features for viewing your recommendations/subscriptions off of will start to pop out.

We hope you are all excited about the improvements to grepr, we know we are.

- Eric
grepr development team